I really wanna play Elder Scrolls Online

But it’s so expensive

And I don’t have a computer that’ll run the damn thing

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Ichabod has to be a special snowflake because Abbie sure as hell is one




First of all fantasy shows are built on special snowflakes. Destiny has chosen the protagonist to save the world by doing things no one else can do. Yadda yadda yadda. People being super duper unique and special is kind of the whole point.

Second of all there are only two witnesses in all of human history. They for damn sure better be paragons, best in show, and stellar examples of the best humanity can be. 

But most importantly, Abbie needs and deserves a partner who can complement her own amazing abilities. This is why Luke was never in it. Abbie is going toe-toe with the Apocalypse. A man who can’t even update his cell phone plan is not going to be able to keep up. Same goes for Nick. Whatever distractions the writers have planned, Nick will never be a match for the bible’s chosen champion. #SorryNotSorry.

I mean, have you seen Abbie fight?  Ichabod better be able to read every obscure language they come across, just happen to be in the right place and time to hear pertinent details from the mouths of Revolutionary War heroes and pick up modern skills like a savant because otherwise what the fuck good is he.

First, lmao at “A man who can’t even update his cell phone plan is not going to be able to keep up.”

Secondly, people keep ripping on Crane as a special snowflake - which he is in a way, with the eidetic memory, knowing all of the languages ever, etc. - but Crane is also really bad at a lot of things, too, including his capacity to stymie his emotions. I actually really love that we’re learning more of his back-story, including that he had a fiancee that he left for Katrina. Crane is impulsive on an emotional level, to the degree that he has hurt a lot of people. While Abbie is methodical, collected, keeps her emotional cards close to her chest (although she’s not a robot by any means), Crane is like a loose cannon with his emotions, ready to burst at any moment. He tells his best bud Abraham about him getting with his fiancee when they’re on a secret mission. Who does that? Oh right, a guy who can’t keep his emotions in check long enough to wait for the better moment.

Crane also has created this mythological creature that is Katrina, refusing to take her off the pedestal he placed her on. He refuses to see that his relationship with her is, ultimately, destructive. He spouts poetry about his deep and abiding love for her like she’s an angel and not a human woman with her own flaws while he finds true camaraderie (and romance, dare I say) with Abbie. When it comes to relationships, Crane is kind of bad at them - or at least seeing them in the correct light. I love this about him (oddly enough), because it’s something he’s doing to himself. He’s not a victim of horrible circumstances a la Batman. Crane keeps fucking up these relationships because of his own poor choices.

You can also tell that his constant talking, especially about things he knows, is a defense mechanism. Some people clam up when they’re uncomfortable or feel out of their depth: Crane just talks. And he does know shit, so it makes sense that he shares that knowledge as much as possible. But I also think that, again, this is another flaw in his character to a certain extent, because he’s trying to find his footing by talking and sharing all of the things he knows. But you can also tell how much he trusts Abbie and respects her because even when she pokes fun at his random abilities (“You play the flute?”), he jabs back (“You try taking a cello onto the battlefield.”) but doesn’t insult Abbie and continues to tell her about his random abilities regardless. He knows that Abbie is teasing, with no derision, because their relationship is one of equals and mutual respect.

So I will admit to rolling my eyes when he recognizes some obscure, dead language for the 3000th time, but since he’s also shown to have flaws in other areas, he doesn’t really meet the criteria of a Gary Stu. Gary Stus do everything right. Crane only does some things right.

Yeah, I agree that his “know it all” habit is both defensive and an example of a flawed, very human tic. I’d also add its also a coping mechanism and his vital contribution to Team Witness. I think it’s fun that his incredibly useful info is usually delivered with a smarty pants attitude. It’s a source of great humor, develops his unique character perspective and makes him lovably irritating.

I like that he shines in his areas and Abbie shines in hers.


but cr1tikal must be so fucking hot tho. like the dude peed in a girl’s face and she still wanted to hook up with him and then he awkwardly starred at a poor girl like a psychopath without saying a word and she still desperately tried to engage the conversation with him. there’s no way that guy is your regular pathetic looking nerd. he’s hot as fuck i’m telling u.


I was wearing my Gryffindor shirt while Christmas shopping and there was this cute boy in a Slytherin hat and we made eye contact and he looked me up and down and said “10 points to Gryffindor” and winked at me and normally I hate being hit on but damn son that’s the way to do it


I got an amazing new shirt


"How can you like Cullen?"

He has a kitty cat helmet.

"But he was beating someone just because he suspected them of-"


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